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Mu Lan Quan Series is a traditional Chinese Kung Fu dance system. It comprises of routines involving various apparatuses (fan, twin fan, sword, bare hand form etc). Inspired by the female warrior Mu Lan, this system emphasises feminine strength. Its flowing and fluid movements recount stories of love, romance, elegance and beauty.

About the Performer


Xin (Sindy) Mu has practiced the Mu Lan Quan Series for over twenty years. Since immigrating to Australia in 2000, Sindy has performed hundreds of demonstrations at a variety of events. Her extensive knowledge of China's history, culture and tradition makes each session a truly enriching cultural experience. 

The Program


This cultural incursion program is adapted for younger children and utilises the art of storytelling as well as dance presented by Sindy. 

Each Session Includes


  • Fully costumed, colourful and vibrant performances 
  • Chinese culture sharing: tales of the rich history and culture behind the dances
  • An interactive workshop which involves all audiences of all ages.

Program Options


A 30 minute Cultural Incursion program designed especially for toddlers. 

The program comprises captivating dance movements, vivid colours and story telling with the aid of puppets. The children are transported into a fairytale world of fantasy and are encouraged to participate through song and movements. 

Pre-School and Kindergarten

A 45 minute Cultural Incursion program designed especially for preschool and kindergarten children.  Children are taken into a world of fantasy and are invited to participate through songs and movements. They also experience a unique dance especially choreographed by Sindy aided by colourful props.

Booking Details

Mu Lan Fan Centre (Sindy) 

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Enchanting Chinese Cultural Program Video

Sindy performs